welcome to our humble little farm

About Us...

G'day and thanks for visiting our page! Gilmore Valley Grove is a small, family run farm situated in the alluring Gilmore Valley, 2 hours west of Canberra and in between the beautiful towns of Tumut and Batlow. Our cold winters and hot summers provide an excellent climate for our olives and garlic. Paul is originally from Deniliquin, NSW but considers himself local after living here for almost a quarter of a century and marrying myself, Chrissy,  born and bred in Tumut. We have two gorgeous human children and many children of the animal variety including dogs, chickens, ducks, sheep, a rather bizarre alpaca named Allan and many native animals that we try to encourage to our small part of the world.  Our olive grove was established at the end of 2015 in a former sheep grazing paddock. Truly starting from the ground up, the small tubestock trees we planted, even though still quite young, are now starting to flourish. We had our very first harvest in 2020 and we are so thrilled to have our Extra Virgin Olive Oil available online!  The Rusty Bus Extra Virgin Olive Oil was born in 2020 and currently available at our local stockists (see below) and from our online shop. We are very proud of our Extra Virgin olive oil. Our olive trees receive loads of TLC which reflects in the fresh, fruity, delicious flavour in our oil.  Our garlic is grown with tender loving care. Sown, mulched, weeded, harvested, cleaned all by hand and cured naturally to deliver a quality product to our garlic loving consumers. Our current varieties include Australian White, Australian Red and Purple Stripe and we intend on trialling more varieties best suited to our climate. Our garlic salt range was developed and continues to run from our humble, little kitchen. The three varieties of garlic salt can be found in our online shop with a description and ideas on where to use them and are also available from our stockists listed below. 

Our Philosophy...

We are proactive in caring for the earth and  our family's health which is why we only use organic, natural and sustainable practices and are mindful of biodiversity on our farm. At no stage do we use harmful chemicals in the process which enables us to deliver a product full of taste  and health benefits to our customers and also protect our farm ecology. We want our customers to have an Aussie grown product available to them free of herbicides, pesticides and other nasties unlike imported produce. 

Our Products...

Click our SHOP link above to browse our range, soon to be expanded!!

Where to Purchase...

THE RUSTY BUS Extra Virgin Olive Oil NOW AVAILABLE from our suppliers!

*Pie In The Sky Bakery, Wynyard St, Tumut, NSW

*Thairapy 33, Pioneer St, Batlow, NSW

*Batlow Bakery, 9 Tumbarumba Rd, Batlow, NSW

*Simply Wholesome, 58 Capper St, Tumut, NSW

*Kat's Whiskers, 66 Russell St, Tumut, NSW

*Tumut Region Visitors Centre

*Local at Learmonts, 42 Russell St, Tumut, NSW

*King of Meats Butchers, 10 Eimeo Rd, Rural View, Mackay, QLD

*Jack's Store, 22 Hansen Street, Corryong, VIC

Our raw garlic, when in season, is available from:

*Pie In The Sky Bakery in Wynyard St, Tumut, NSW

*Thairapy 33 in Pioneer St, Batlow, NSW

*Simply Wholesome , 58 Capper St, Tumut, NSW

*Batlow Bakery, 9 Tumbarumba Rd, Batlow, NSW

*Local at Learmonts, 42 Russell St, Tumut, NSW

Our garlic salt and Black Garlic is  available from:

* Pie In The Sky Bakery in Wynyard St, Tumut , NSW

* Tumut Region Visitors Centre, Snowy Mountains Highway, Tumut, NSW

*Thairapy33. Pioneer St, Batlow, NSW

*Batlow Bakery, 9 Tumbarumba Rd, Batlow, NSW

*Simply Wholesome, 58 Capper St, Tumut, NSW

*Tumbarumba Visitors Information Centre, 10 Bridge St, Tumbarumba, NSW

*King of Meats Butchers,10 Eimeo Rd, Rural View, Mackay, QLD

*Local at Learmonts, 42 Russell St, Tumut, NSW

*Jack's Store, 22 Hansen St, Corryong, VIC

Gorgeous Maureen at Pie in the Sky Bakery, Tumut

Pictured above is gorgeous Maureen from Pie in the Sky Bakery, in Tumut.